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Eleanor Dubinsky

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by Eric J. Grimm, Mishmash Magazine
June 17, 2010

When it comes to the sweet tunes of the enchanting Eleanor Dubinsky, moments of love are explored with a sincerity so formidable that there’s a constant battle as to whether you should be seduced by something so achingly personal. Dubinsky’s debut EP, Us showcases a totally immersive experience; she does much of the instrumentation herself, being an accomplished cellist and guitarist. Oh, and did I mention that she sings in English, Spanish and French? She is, however, far from a gimmick act.
The second tune, ‘Lullabye’, is the most solid indication of what Dubinsky aims to do. It transcends folksy comfort to provide an eerily transfixing set of commands for the dazed and delighted soldiers that make up her listeners. ‘Shelter’ and the stripped down final track ‘Two People’ make for two bleak views on love and its power to imprison and destroy.
The best of all worlds come together for inaugural jam ‘Jeu De Deux’, which is part French, part English, and all sexy. Her uncanny ability to float effortlessly between languages and moods give the track a hypnotic feel to complement its sway-worthy beat of gentle pulses and snaps.
It is, ultimately, the set’s ephemeral nature which ties its chapters together so seamlessly and achingly. There is a sense throughout that time is love’s mortal enemy and Eleanor is only left to sit and reflect on that damning truth. For a group of tracks so pained by the ticking of the clock, this is twenty minutes of time standing still in admiration of such a charming and beautiful talent.
Favorite Track: Jeu De Deux
Recommend album? Heck Yeah
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